Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Early 90's Contempo Casuals Pants

Contempo was like the Forevs of it's day. (Speaking of Forevs, the one in the Bay Area at this time was a tiny little hole with dirty carpeting in Serramonte Mall, not the glamourously gleaming bohemoth it is today.) I have always kind of liked cheap and trendy stores, and I used to go in there and buy total trash, and in high school we called it Contrampo even though by then they had been re-branded into the super 90's version, Wet Seal, who featured labels like "Blue Asphalt" (hahaha) and 'Evolution: Not Revolution!" Even though it is morally wrong to shop at chain stores like this technically, I still go to Wet Seal and make purchases occasionally. But it's the name "Contempo Casuals" that truly holds a place in my heart, and their blocky black and white label. Through my fashion research, I have also spotted earlier Contempo labels, which have a more palm-tree-ish, late 70's/early 80's Carly Simon vibe.

Here are some Contempo inspiration photos:


  1. OH CONTRAMPO! Oh, the time I used to spend pretending to hate that store, when really I just wanted to go in and try everything on... Sweet memories of Stonestown.

    When we finally make sleepover #2, let's have a section called "memories of Stonestown" or something. The amount of time I spent there, cutting class!

  2. hi could i please use these pictures for my fashion source book ? if so could you email them in jpeg format my email is