Monday, June 28, 2010

70's Clothing on 70's People

I never post photos of people wearing clothes, because all these "finds" are from ebay, and it's not worth showing the heads of ebay models even if possible. But I'm not trying to, like, divorce clothing from its original context and intended purpose of actually being worn (though I do like the idea of elevating everyday or overlooked clothing to a museum-worthy setting.) Anyway, probably no one is concerned about this, but the point is, here are some great 70's-era clothing photos. If you read my other blog, you would know I'm really into the 70's, and have spent many hours on flickr finding photos of 70's teenagers.

Cropped colorful printed top with a tight, lean fit, high-waisted a-line skirt, and big platforms. Noet her boyfriend's tight patchworky jeans with crazy printed shirt, tucked in of course.

Macrame, crochet, patchwork, and other handmade crafts were really, really big in the 70's. It was a continuation of the 60's hippie look (I think most decades reject the styles of the years before, but the 60's were so influential that the 70's definitely paid tribute to them, albeit in an updated way.) Her crochet hat, camel-toe bell-bottoms and romantic flowy blouse are an awesome casual 70's look which you could totally wear today. (Minus the hat, maybe.)

I love the psychedelic prints of the 70's, and this tight, stretchy printed shirtdress is a good example.

Halter tops, hot pants, big hair and mega platforms. This is a great summer look!

Towards the later 70's, things got a bit more sporty. This look is kind of like "Little boy whore," with its primary colors, knee socks, and suspenders. They did have hip-hugging, low waisted styles in the 60's and 70's, but the majority of pants were what would now be called "high waisted."

God, she looks sooo cool! I love the suspenders with the high-waist bell bottoms, fro, pendant necklace, and big glasses. All classic 70's signifiers.

More bell-bottoms and halters, even on what appears to be a tween.

Itty-bitty tube tops! It makes more sense to wear a high-waisted pant with cropped shirts, otherwise all your junk is hanging out. This is why I prefer vintage swimsuits, too- they're more flattering, and you don't feel like you're just wearing a pair of panties in public.


  1. these photos are all from one person, i saw them once on flickr, can you possibly post the link to them at their original source please ?

  2. The photos are from the photostreams of AntyDiluvian and Whiskeygonebad. There are also a lot of creepy surreptitious photos they took of young women in their photostreams! Such is flickr.

  3. Itty-bitty tube tops are one fashion trend from the 70s that I'd love to see make a comeback!