Monday, August 23, 2010

Big Buttoned 50's dress

Amazing 50's Dress

40's Sailor Shorts

30's-40's Dress

The yoke front is very classic late 30's/early 40's dress, as is the crepey rayon.

Smart Plaid Dress, Late 30's, Early 40's

I love the shape of this dress.

70's Zodiac Platforms

These platforms are I guess emblazoned with Zodiac signs, though I can't really tell myself. Zodiac themed clothing and accessories was hot shit back then, though!

70's Picnic Platforms

These are the perfect platforms for a 70's themed picnic, right?

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Punk Late 40's Dress

I love the bright pink, round covered buttons, gathered shoulders, and little shooting stars scattered around the bodice. You can see the similarities to the jacket below.

40's Green Jacket

Very 40's with the peplum, large buttons, and sharp shoulders. I guess I should have edited out those low rise jeans...

70's Tromp L'Oeil Dress

It's worth enlarging to see the draped chain print detail on the bodice and down the front.

70's Platforms