Friday, May 28, 2010

90's Does 60's/70's, Sort Of

I put these Zodiac shoes up because I remember them all too well from the 90's. They are listed under 70's on eBay, but these came from the popular 90's retread of 70's style, which included many a daisy/"groovy" print, polyester or space-dyed garment, John Lennon glasses, crushed velvet and more. Some of the copies are quite good, and you can't tell from when they are from without a closer inspection. These foam platforms are simply made for bopping around in a vinyl dress with braids in your hair and body glitter a-plenty.*

*90's nostalgia makes me feel sooo old, though I guess we better cling to it, because the 2000's blew so hard that any nostalgia mustered up for them will probably be pretty weak.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

60's Mod Party Dress

Flapper Dress, 1920's

20's Party Shoes

30's Dress and Coat

This is truly amazing, from the absinthe color to the fur collar- such decadence! I think everyone hated velvet after the awful velours, crushed, and stretch velvets of the 90's, but real silk or rayon velvet is soft, light, and beautiful.

Kid's 60's-early 70's Coat

60's Mod Shoes

Draped Early 40's Dress

Oh, they had designers then!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Leather Hot Pants: 60's or 70's

I need to get a pair of these!

Sculptural 50's Jacket

You can buy it here. What a looker! So sophisticated, to be paired with black cigarette leg pants and a haughty expression.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Coolest 70's T-shirt

This was listed for a crazy amount of money; I don't even know what it's in reference to, but it's pretty groovy! I love that tight undershirt-type fit. And what is a psychedelic image without long-haired naked Aryan children seen though a fish-eye lens?

70's Mega Platforms

20's Dress with Rhinestone Belt

50's Dress Detail

40's Heart-Button Sailor Shorts

Most Amazing Burlesque Ouffit

60's Bikini