Friday, May 28, 2010

90's Does 60's/70's, Sort Of

I put these Zodiac shoes up because I remember them all too well from the 90's. They are listed under 70's on eBay, but these came from the popular 90's retread of 70's style, which included many a daisy/"groovy" print, polyester or space-dyed garment, John Lennon glasses, crushed velvet and more. Some of the copies are quite good, and you can't tell from when they are from without a closer inspection. These foam platforms are simply made for bopping around in a vinyl dress with braids in your hair and body glitter a-plenty.*

*90's nostalgia makes me feel sooo old, though I guess we better cling to it, because the 2000's blew so hard that any nostalgia mustered up for them will probably be pretty weak.

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