Friday, December 25, 2009

Victorian Hair Locket




  1. beautiful! do you remember how much it sold for? i would love to find something like this one day.

  2. This one went for kind of a lot as I recall, upwards of $100 (which I guess is not really that much when you think about it) but maybe more like $200? But you can get hair lockets for under $100 on eBay for sure. This one was a more unusual style with the key motif so it went for more. Thanks for checking out my blogs(s)!

  3. Looks like I added an extra S...

  4. thanks for making this blog! it's such a good idea.

  5. thanks-i wish i had made this blog a long time ago because i've been saving photos on ebay for several years and i've probably lost tons of them, and this way they are organized and hopefully saved.

    anyway, this is maybe the best hair bracelet ever i thought you might appreciate:

    I have a lot of posts about Victorian/mourning type stuff on the other blog, now that I am "studying the archives."

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