Monday, November 30, 2009

Bodice Detail on 70's Dress

This was a maxi dress. The 70's are so often looked on as being a horrible time for fashion, and while there were plenty of boxy polyester dresses, much of the 70's really had a tight, lean, tailored fit- especially the guy's clothing. I love this dress for being so Pamela Des Barres. It should be worn with a floppy hat, huge sunglasses, and high rubber platforms. It has the sexy/crunchy/witchy vibe of the 70's I love so.


  1. I am really into clothes from the 70s, but man, everything was cut WAYYY too skinny back then. Like, I don't have big boobs, but my boobs don't fit into stuff from that era hardly ever. That is my one complaint. Well, that and all the polyester.

  2. I have to have the clothes be "school apropriate" because I have 2 dress up in 70's 4 school but my goodness is it hard 2 do!

  3. I LOVE CLOTHES FROM THE 70S! I love everything about that era. Dresses were so cute my aunt passed down a few of her dresses she wore when she was my age. Also have a few vintage band shirts from that decade, dont understand why some people dont like the 70s. I swear i was born in the wrong era!!