Saturday, November 28, 2009

Airplane Dress

1970's novelty print polyester or nylon dress with airplanes, skyline and more. I love 1940's novelty prints, but 60's and 70's ones are really interesting because they often tend to be highly detailed, scenic, and rife with psychedelic imagery. There was also an obsession with the 20's/30's during this time period, which I think is illustrated (literally!) in this amazing dress.


  1. Oh my fucking god! SO AMAZING. It's such a damn shame that practically everything was made of polyester in the 70s, because there are so many amazing prints from that era. Unfortunately, now that I am an adult, I can no longer suffer through wearing man-made fibers. le sigh.

  2. Do you have to swear like that ?

  3. Yeah, no need to cuss Simone! We get your point...