Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Funkytown 70's Platforms

I could probably just post photos of 70's platforms here.

Early 40's Dress

Another thing that people rarely pay attention to anymore: buttons. Doesn't the yoke front of this dress look very similar to the yoke fronts that gained popularity a few years ago? I love yoke fronts.

Friday, July 16, 2010

40's Plaid Bikini

80's/90's Red Snakeskin Oxfords

I have these shoes, but mine are all black, and these were unfortunately not my size.

Magical Mushroom 70's Dress

I love how psychedelia informed clothing and clothing patterns in the 60's and 70's. This children's dress is a Holly Hobbie, which is some sort of patchworky 70's craft, fabric and clothing (or maybe just dress patterns?) brand that featured a girl in an oversized bonnet, which of course has recently been updated to look more Bratzy.

Here is some more Holly Hobbie stuff. I have to say, looking at those old metal and plastic lunch boxes always makes me feel a powerful wave of nostalgia. Especially if they have their matching, guaranteed-to-leak thermos clanging around inside.

I know I put a lot of flapper dresses up, but I have to say the shape of this one is really awesome because you can really see the slinky but tight fit of the bodice as well as the fabric panels in the skirt that hang for dancing- very sexy and less boxy than most. I wonder who made all these dresses with their intricate beadwork.
I just realized I already posted this. Well, this time I have more to say about it.

40's Ostrich and Suede Platforms