Monday, June 28, 2010

70's Clothing on 70's People

I never post photos of people wearing clothes, because all these "finds" are from ebay, and it's not worth showing the heads of ebay models even if possible. But I'm not trying to, like, divorce clothing from its original context and intended purpose of actually being worn (though I do like the idea of elevating everyday or overlooked clothing to a museum-worthy setting.) Anyway, probably no one is concerned about this, but the point is, here are some great 70's-era clothing photos. If you read my other blog, you would know I'm really into the 70's, and have spent many hours on flickr finding photos of 70's teenagers.

Cropped colorful printed top with a tight, lean fit, high-waisted a-line skirt, and big platforms. Noet her boyfriend's tight patchworky jeans with crazy printed shirt, tucked in of course.

Macrame, crochet, patchwork, and other handmade crafts were really, really big in the 70's. It was a continuation of the 60's hippie look (I think most decades reject the styles of the years before, but the 60's were so influential that the 70's definitely paid tribute to them, albeit in an updated way.) Her crochet hat, camel-toe bell-bottoms and romantic flowy blouse are an awesome casual 70's look which you could totally wear today. (Minus the hat, maybe.)

I love the psychedelic prints of the 70's, and this tight, stretchy printed shirtdress is a good example.

Halter tops, hot pants, big hair and mega platforms. This is a great summer look!

Towards the later 70's, things got a bit more sporty. This look is kind of like "Little boy whore," with its primary colors, knee socks, and suspenders. They did have hip-hugging, low waisted styles in the 60's and 70's, but the majority of pants were what would now be called "high waisted."

God, she looks sooo cool! I love the suspenders with the high-waist bell bottoms, fro, pendant necklace, and big glasses. All classic 70's signifiers.

More bell-bottoms and halters, even on what appears to be a tween.

Itty-bitty tube tops! It makes more sense to wear a high-waisted pant with cropped shirts, otherwise all your junk is hanging out. This is why I prefer vintage swimsuits, too- they're more flattering, and you don't feel like you're just wearing a pair of panties in public.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

70's Disco Platforms

These are the best shoes ever.

20's Swimsuits

40's Slingbacks

One thing I love about 40's heels is their distinctive, pert shape. It's hard to explain, but you know it when you see it.

Deco 30's Dress

The way these deco-type dresses drape really blows my mind.

70's Children's Shorts

I think these are supposed to be a pair of small boys "Little Lord Faunterloy" type shorts, but they're also really groovy mod and cute. If I was a designer I'd steal this look! Also I always think about how I should start saying "groovy" because it's kind of a great word. My mom still says "far out" sometimes, which is also cool. Or maybe she told me only lame people said that.

70's Girl Guitar Player Shirt

This pink turtleneck os kinda Millie from Freaks and Geeks and it's cool that it depicts a girl playing an instrument, albeit in a dreamy. drawn-with-pastels way.

30's Kitty Print Dress

Look at the collar! I imagine this was handmade and the woman who made it actually cut those kitties out of the fabric and stitched them on. God, you'd think if fashion wasn't considered "art,", it would at least be considered "folk art," which I guess also is a really patronizing term, even though folk art is the best, and generally a lot more compelling and informative than most "real art."

Monday, June 14, 2010

40's Children's Duck Slippers

Click on the photo to see the whole thing.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

20's Ancient Egyptian Beaded Dress

Ancient Egyptian motifs became very popular after the discovery of King Tut's tomb; if you look at 20's and deco-era aesthetics you will see the themes often repeated.

60's Mod Tapestry Boots

Very Carnaby Street!

Adorable 30's Dress

This is a very good example of 30's fashion- I think this is from the mid-late 30's, with it's dramatic sleeves, navy and white polka dot print, and pointy collar.

Simple 70's Dress

Early 40's Kid's Dress

Bad photos, but an amazing print on rayon.

70's Platform Clogs

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Early 90's Contempo Casuals Pants

Contempo was like the Forevs of it's day. (Speaking of Forevs, the one in the Bay Area at this time was a tiny little hole with dirty carpeting in Serramonte Mall, not the glamourously gleaming bohemoth it is today.) I have always kind of liked cheap and trendy stores, and I used to go in there and buy total trash, and in high school we called it Contrampo even though by then they had been re-branded into the super 90's version, Wet Seal, who featured labels like "Blue Asphalt" (hahaha) and 'Evolution: Not Revolution!" Even though it is morally wrong to shop at chain stores like this technically, I still go to Wet Seal and make purchases occasionally. But it's the name "Contempo Casuals" that truly holds a place in my heart, and their blocky black and white label. Through my fashion research, I have also spotted earlier Contempo labels, which have a more palm-tree-ish, late 70's/early 80's Carly Simon vibe.

Here are some Contempo inspiration photos: